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Wet & Dry Rot Treatment in Egham, Surrey and Staines Middlesex

Teale Building & Preservations specialises in wet and dry rot treatment in Egham, Staines and Surrounding areas.  In extremely common places where timber can get wet, such as basements, cellars, garages, and near external doors, both wet and dry rot can cause structural damage to the woodwork in your building.

Both can be treated by our professionals at Teale Building & Preservations.  Our dedicated team are well known throughout Staines, Surrey and Middlesex areas  for delivering consistent results every time.

Wet & Dry Rot

What is Wet and Dry Rot?

Wet and dry rot is caused by wood-destroying fungi that quickly spread through spores, carried by the air. When they land on untreated wood, the spores can develop into rot which uses the wood as a food source.

Dry rot is considered the most serious form of fungal decay to affect a building. It can spread behind over and through masonry to infect and destroy larger sections of timber, within a building, resulting in costly damage. If dry or wet rot is left untreated the wood or timber will lose it’s structural integrity and ultimately can become extremely hazardous for building users.

Wet & Dry Rot

Treatment of Wet and Dry Rot

To rid your home or business premises of rot, you first need to address the damp problem that is causing the timber to become wet in the first place. We offer a comprehensive package of timber preservation and treatments to tackle damp in your property. With dampness taken care of, we can then assess and treat the dry or wet rot problem in your building.
Wet & Dry Rot
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